Thursday, December 01, 2005

Montreal: Day 1.

Hello guys, I'm writing from a really costly place, costs some 150 bucks an hour! So I think i'll make this a bit brief. Arrived yesterday in Montreal [had a] very nice flight , saw some really interesting looking places especially over the Middle East (a mountain range called the zhagrosa or something like that). Then caught a connecting flight from Heathrow , London. A really busy place, planes seem to hang around like stray cattle back home. The youth hostel is a pretty cool place though a bit of a culture shock . The conference is going pretty well today; everybody is pretty kicked about the passinng of some vote referred to as the amrikesh (it's actually a place where the UNFCC was held a few years ago and an agenda was decided, finally today it was adopted by everyone , that does not include US or australia). Everyone thought that Saudi Arabia would cause some trouble but they gave in pretty eas[il]y (due to pressure or some secret agenda? We still have 2 weeks to find out.) Also, the MOP1 began today, officially. Yesterday was COP 11.

Also Rolling Sunlight (that's a coffee bar powered by solar energy, made by Greenpeace USA) came here yesterday, very cool piece of technology and an even cooler symbol of what we are trying to show to the world . We worked on it for sometime, serving organic , fairtrade coffee along with views (ours and theirs) and snacks (not necessarrily in the same order). Food is very expensive around here, not to mention bloody delicious (but I'm glad that GP is footing the bill). Will send photos somehow. Oh, and everone has praised our work on the film (thought I'll pass on the compliment). Well that's all for now, guys. Au revoir.