Thursday, November 02, 2006

Solar Generation takes off to Nairobi!

Golam Shaifullah, an old timer with the campaign, is leaving off for Nairobi tonight as a part of the international Greenpeace youth team that will be voicing concerns over climate change to the world leaders as they meet again to discuss the Kyoto Protocol.

The event, known as the COP/MOP 2, will bring in eminent politicians,diplomats, experts,scientists to discuss the course of the Kyoto Treaty.
The Kyoto Treaty, the only existing legal framework aimed to address climate change, was ratified last year 2005. However, countries like the U.S have continued to shy awayfrom it despite public protests.
We will be regularly updating. Do come back! Help save the CLIMATE!

We are hoping that Golam will influence our indian delegates into strengthening the Treaty.
any one interested in a direct reportage from Nairobi is welcome.
You may reach Golam at