Friday, December 09, 2005

Can the Climate Change its spots?

aha ! lots of stuff happened today... lets get you guys filled in....first the boring political news, today the indian minister for environment and forestry Mr.Raja spoke in the UN council, im quite deeply disappointed by what bullshit he gave.let me give u a few quotes..."india has the largest no. of people below poverty line in the world" ,"India cant catch up with the developing world for at least a generation(whatever that means?) so there is no question of binding targets " , "India is working on more efficiency and clean fuel technology...blah blah" ,basically he 'forgot' to mention the word renewable energy in his entire speech and he refused to make any commitments(again!) so there isnt anything new on the cards.
thats the boring political news also the conference is being wrapped up ,the most important agenda on the table right now is about commitment periods-about when will we commit to talk about commiting periods post 2012 when the 1st kyoto agreement ends.(kindda complicated but its just a part of the red tape).
now about the more exciting news.we finally manage to hunt down the indian minister(of magic?.... sorry too much harry potter)after a long and boring wait for him in the aisle... and dragged him to our stand in the exhibition stand ,it went pretty well and i managed to give him the film cd as well.We managed to get some shots of him doing the flag thing and that ought to be useful ..... soon after this event we made our exit from the land of politicians and onto the streets of Montreal....
we(thats us and a few solar gen members) walked in the area for a bit ,till the harbour and then headed for an area called sherbrooke to have dinner at an indian restaurant called 'govinda jaya jaya' run by the hare krishna people.We found the place after a long walk and then went to eat.... the food was simple and delicious and we finished with halwa(wah wah!) .It was actually an interestin blend of mediterranean and indian cuisine but very nice.It was run by a greek guy who was from egypt(dont ask) ,i had a interesting conversation with him ,the place had been working for 7yrs and seemed to be doing pretty well considering its small stature,the walls were done up with replicas of paintings of krishna in his various 'leelas'. very good fun.oh and we also drank fresh mango juice(its something of a rarity in this packaged food country)
with lots of difficulty ,we managed to get up and leave and made our way to the skating place . It was not as difficult as i thought and i manage to get the hang of the skates pretty well ,even though i havent been on ice skates ever before.but i have done some skating in my youthful days(about 7 yrs ago) so it was quite surprising for me that i could still stand and not fall(at least not as much as i would have ;-) .so anyways we had a great time after that we went to a bar to have some hot chocolate(for me) and ..... i fell asleep there for some time. when i woke up everyone was pretty high and dancing ,perfect timing, i simply joined them and we jumped around for quite a while. Then we headed back to the auberge de jeunesse (our hostel).thats all guys ,really sorry if i have bored you guys to tears .... couldnt help but write(the internrt is working for free somehow!)well adios for now.

the end??

our work here is almost over.
we met the indian minister today and clicked pictures with him. it was quite funny!!
we also showed our hotspot video tot eh public again. we gave a copy of the doc tot he minister as well.
tonite is aur last nit together as many ppl are leaving tm. we are goingt o go ice skating in the evening. am very excited abt tht as i dont no how to ice skate!!
we will mostly be free from tm so hoping to do sum sight seeing. lets c....