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Thursday, June 08, 2006

W.E.D. Solar Generation Hyderabad kickstarts... and reports

Hello Salil and everyone,

Please find below a brief report of the SG Hyderabadactivity on World Environment Day. The pictures andscanned copy of the press release will be sent lateras i dont have them with me now. Regards,Vikram Aditya

Report of activities by Solar Generation Hyderabad. World Environment Day 2006.

The Solar Generation Hyderabad team planned andexecuted several awareness generation and petition signing events in a two day event commencing on the4th of June 2006 and culminating on the World Environment Day on the 5th of June. The theme of theWorld Environment Day this year was ‘Deserts andDesertification’. Solar Generation Hyderabad showcased apparent cause -effect relation between climate change and desertification. The events involved speaking to people about climatechange and its effects on drylands, distribution ofspecially prepared fact sheets and petition forms on climate change and desertification, wooden fans with messages on global warming, Solar Generation postcardsand accquiring signatures of interested people. These signatures included a self commitment of the signatories to participate in the global fight against climate change, to start or increase utilization of renewable energy, to generate awareness amongst others on climate change and to become a part of SolarGeneration Hyderabad. Along with this, three banner sprepared specifically for the occasion carrying messages on climate change and desertification were also displayed prominently at key locations around the city to attract attention and generate interest.

Day 1: 04th July 2006, Sunday. The event started at 5 pm at Eat Street, a popular fast food eatery located on the promenades along theNecklace Road. Prior permission had been sought fromthe Buddha Purnima Project Authority, the government authority administering the Hussain Sagar lake front areas, to carry out the event at this place which is thriving with customers on Sunday evening. The three banners- one on Solar Generation Hyderabad, one on climate change and its effects on drylands, water andrainfall and the last one asking thought provoking questions on the effects of climate change were placed along the main road. The event went off well and without hindrances. During the hour and half event,Solar Generation members spoke to several people on climate change, distributed fact sheets and petition forms and accquired signatures. The event was next conducted at NTR Gardens, a kilometer away from Eat Street along NTR Marg abutting the lake. The event was a major success here because of the heavy presence of visitors to the park and the large area near the entrance that had been given to SGby BPPA for carrying out the event. The banners were displayed prominently at the entrance arches to the park. The next location for the event was the IMAXmultiplex cinema next to NTR gardens. The banners were tied opposite to IMAX so that everyone entering and leaving the multiplex as well as those inside couldclearly see the messages.

Day 2: 05th June 2006, Monday. 'World Environment Day'. The events on the World Environment Day started at6:30 pm at KBR National Park, Jubilee Hills, anational park which is unfortunately being used bycity dwellers for early morning exercises. The bannerswere displayed on the front gates of the Park, asthere are just as many walkers using the second walking area outside the park as those walking inside.SG members spoke to people entering and leaving the park as well as those outside about the importance ofWED, climate change and desertitication and the initiatives being taken up by Solar Generation. Many people, including several noted city celebrities signed the petition form and interacted with SG members. Following this, the event was shifted to the Arts College, Osmania University where SG members held banners and spoke to several students and student groups. SG members also had interaction with press representatives.

The Indian Express newspaper covered the event with a large picture of SG members along with the banner on climate change in the City Express. Enroute to Osmania University, the SG team stopped at Khairatabad crossroads, one of the main intersections in the city and held the displayed the banners. There was a very good response to this unplanned and spontaneous activity as several passers by stopped and interacted with SG members. Overall, the two day campaign by Solar Generation Hyderabad was a resounding success as it helped ingenerating 264 signatures in favour of mitigating climate change and using positive energy and created awareness and interest amongst individuals about the threat of climate change.

Solar Generation Hyderabad team:

1. Praveen

2. Vikram Aditya

3. Suresh

4. Sharath

5. Raji Nair

6. Rehman

7. Vamsi

8. Manisha Bhanot

9. Babitha

10. Geo George Vadakkan

Special Mention


1. Dr. M. Prakasamma and staff of Academy for NursingStudies, Hyderabad

2. Mr. Chandra Mohan Reddy, Buddha Purnima ProjectAuthority

3. Ramgopalpet Police Station, Secunderabad

4. Krishna Murthy, DFO WLM, KBR National Park

For all the readers, the Hyderabad Solar Generation chapter has been recently launched. The core team comprises students and youth activists from various organizations aorund Hyderabad.