Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Totem of Resistance

Bangalore, India — "Music is at the forefront of all revolutions. With the musicians now on our side, we have much to do..."
SolarGeneration had never really done anything 'big' in Bangalore. Of course, that all changed on the night of October 21st. Some serious planning, loads of coffee, really bad jokes (the occasional good ones, though!!) and several brilliant brainwaves were all thrown into the mix as SolarGeneration got Bangalore to wake up to the concept of Youth Resistance and Power, through a rock concert held at the Press Club.
Rewind. The day began with a press conference at the same venue. Despite most Press Houses being on holiday on account of Diwali, we did get considerable media coverage. The press conference was short and sweet, we gave the media the customary introduction to SolarGeneration, proceeded by our views, hopes and aspirations for SolarGeneration and its cause.
The concert itself was kicked off by our very own SolarGeneration band. No doubt, they did us very proud, and they certainly got the crowd in the mood for a great evening. The Schikados played next, followed by The Green Apple Affair. The concert was wrapped up by an electrifying performance by Synaps. Just so that the spirit of the concert was not lost, we screened short videos on environmental issues and resistance between the performances.
Now that the concert has been held, it heralds a new wave of activity from SolarGeneration. A brighter future is in our hands. "The youth are the adversary of the powerful.", went one of the messages that was scribbled on the signature banner. Rock on...

Report by Akshay Vishwanath, Solar Generation, St. Joseph's College

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