Thursday, January 25, 2007


Solar Generation's totem of resistance started its long journey on the 18th of January at Christ college inter collegiate festival "INBLOOM". We were given a prime position during the fest. The totem lived in the campus for 2 days gathering a lot of attention, not only from the students but a lot of faculty as well.
Many students of different colleges were drawn towards the totem because of its impressive presence and using this opportunity we engaged them in conversations about climate change and youth resistance. It was a good platform to spread the message of Solar generation and get more people involved, in this process. Come of the faculty who visited the totem were professors from the departments of law, zoology, psychology, mass communication and sociology. They were extremely enthusiastic about spreading the message of solar generation on a larger platform in their classrooms. Thus, the journey of the totem has started in this positive manner. After this it will be going to the other colleges in Bangalore and then travel around the country.

Krittika Vishwanath M.A. Sociology,1st year Christ College