Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind...

The COP/MOP2 has begun!

Here's the Nairobi itenary at last...

Nov 3-5
COY: Conference of the Youth
(African Youth Summit on Climate Change)

In this Summit youth from Africa and beyond will come together to develop capacity on campaigning against climate change.
Youth participation in such key decision making processes is vital and in this regard we have organised this meeting just before the COP in order to build the youths capacity in the fields of environmental conservation matters in line with sustainable development. The conference will prepare the youth for the Cop, but will also be a platform to exchange experience on campaigning against Climate Change.

This meeting shall also see the launch of the African Youth Initiative against Climate Change.
More info:

SolarGen involvement: As SolarGen we will participate during the whole conference and we will give a presentation on the 5th about how SolarGen is campaigning locally, nationally and internationally for a clean energy future.

For more information on the African Youth Involvement see:

Nov 7th (Tuesday)

Climate Talk Series @ climate kiosk
The UNFCCC has been really excited about having some young voices at their climate talk series this year.

That is why the youth have been given 2 slots at the Climate Kiosk:
1. Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) Tuesday, 07 November at 16:00 h 2. Greenpeace and other Conference of Youth organisers showcasing
youth action both at local and global levels

Tuesday, 07 November at 16:30
Adience: Delegates, Media and the wider public (people can watch the videos on the UNFCCC website) Message: Youth is already working on the solutions, so should the delegates!

Nov 10th (Friday) 15:15-16:45: SustainUS side event: Description: Generation Kyoto: youth-led climate action from the local to the global
Youth will present their successes and ongoing efforts to mitigate climate change and to promote climate justice; they will showcase youth-led actions on campuses, in communities and at the legislative levels, and will discuss the future challenges and potentials of the Youth climate movement. SG has been asked to get engaged in this side event.

Nov 11th (Saturday)
We will prepare banners in Nairobi and take part in other activities with other groups!

Nov 12th (Sunday) Excursion:
Visit to National Park!!!!!!

Nov 13th and Nov 14th (Monday and Tuesday)
Mission Impossible Photo event - stick-your-head-through-thing Delegates saving the climate! Delegates can stick their head through a prop with the Mission Possible: Save the Climate Theme. So in stead of Tom, they can put in their own head.

Audience: Delegates and MediaMessage: Save the climate, it is still possible!

Nov 15th (Wednesday)

We have not yet come up with the exact idea, so we will invite the SG delegates to brainstorm on this at the conference!
Audience: Ministers and delegates

Nov 16th (Thursday)
We have managed to secure a side event for presenting the African Impacts video and the SG work! The African Impacts video is the follow up on the SolarGen Hotspot video we produced last year. The video covers climate impacts in Togo, Uganda and Kenya, as told by the local youth. 11:15-12:45: GPI side event 6 -Room Gigiri 2

Description: Climate change impacts in Africa - presented by the youth of Africa and beyond Throughout Africa young people documented the devastating impacts of climate change. United with youth from all over the world they present this excellent documentary and demand a clean energy future. Organised by Ecowatch, KCYP, Mt Kenya Youth Initiative, YVE, CSIR, Greenpeace, ACTS and others We are looking into the possibility of having a discussion panel with people from ‘the field’ supporting our video. Audience: Delegates and MediaMessage: Africa is already heavily impacted by Climate Change, the youth is calling for action!

In addition to the planned events, SolarGen delegates will:

Spend time observing the plenary meetings
Network with other youth groups and organise improvised activities
Visit a university in Nairobi to present the SolarGen project and invite Kenyan students to our activities.


This year's theme of the climate talk series at the Climate Change Kiosk’s is “Time for Action” focusing on climate action for developing countries The talks will provide a forum for a global audience to listen to the voices coming out of the Nairobi UN climate change conference.

What is the climate talk series?
During the days listed below, two hour periods will be set aside at the secretariat’s Climate Change Kiosk for presentations under the broad theme Time for Action. examples of local, municipal and regional climate action in developing countries. The presentations, focusing on positive outcomes and forward movement demonstrating wins in the climate change process, will be based on the following daily topical issues :

• Adaptation
• Technology transfer
• CDM opportunities
• Climate change initiatives at local and regional level
• Education and outreach - with focus on Youth and climate change

The presentations are targeted at the wider climate change global audience, unable to attend COP12/COP/MOP2 in Kenya. Presenters who are effective public speakers will be asked to give a short talk of 15 minutes on work or projects that demonstrate positive climate action taken by a group of individuals, a business, a community, a city, etc.
The web cast of the talk will be posted on our web site under the link “At the Kiosk".