Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Feliz Cumple

Agnes has told me that she will give me a cd with all the t shirt designs from all over the world.... that out to be helpful in our quest to find cooler t-shirts. taking about serious stuff... there has been quite a bit of activity on the political as well as the solar gen front. We have been planning for the arctic day as well as for the minister daym, i believe that i have already given a brief idea about what will they contain.... We have been putting in a lot of hours in the warehouse doing a fair bit of sawing,painting etc.One of the campaigners working with us(Roetze Koen from switzerland) plays the guitar pretty well so we have some exciting guitar sessions betweeen work hours.I dont think ill describe the stuff we're doing cos itll be better to see it in pictures(we'll get em to u ...dont worry). On an even more serious note... the political stuff.There has been some developments regarding CDMs ...blah blah .from what ive heard India is in a ok position now,but nobody is really happy about it.us or them.the asia pacific pact(or coal pact as it has been dubbed )had a secret sort of meeting on sunday. Even though they are not callin it a "meeting".also an ex-greenpeace founder called patric moore has showed up here ,hes founded a group called greenspirit and is pro nuclear energy.He is generally being ignored by all.... Not much else to say.Times running out... I was polar bear for aa while today...bye


SolarGeneration in Montreal. Our very own Amrit Bakshi! (extreme left front)