Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stop the Clemenceau!

The Clemenceau is a decommissioned asbestos-insulated French aircraft carrier. It is estimated to carry upwards of five hundred
tonnes of asbestos, as well as PCBs, TBTs, lead, heavy metals, etc... and it has begun its final voyage to a ship-breaking yard at
Alang in Gujarat.
Indian shipyard workers are not properly protected from the hazards of working with these toxic materials. Asbestos, for example,
causes canncer and fatal lung diseases.
The movement of the Clemenceau is a cynical violation of an international treaty on the movement of dangerous waste. Our country is
being exploited as a dustbin for First World Countries.
Even as you read this, the toxic carrier is headed to India. To stop it now, visit
Actions are being planned over the next two weeks on thi s issue. For more information, please email or