Friday, December 02, 2005

Montreal: Day 2

Well, am feeling really guilty about not blogging!!
well I tried last night but erased the whole thing by mistake so did not have the energy to do the whole thing again.
We showed our video today along with the GP international video
It was a roaring success and I really missed SolarGen India.
Not fair, we should have all been here for this!!!
From tonight we start new activities,
will keep you posted on that.
We have political briefings every evening by the GP people
so have to go for that in a while.
The atmosphere is really lively and the entertainment never stops!!
Am planning to go for a concert tonight,
will tell you how it was if I do go!!
Am getting to know lotsa people!
Have not yet met the Indian delegates,
will try to find them in a couple of days when I stop feeling so sleepy!!
All in all,
I'm learning every day here and I don't think I will ever stop!!