Wednesday, December 07, 2005

artic day

well artic day is almost over
we had about 3 polar bears runnin around
1 inside the conference, 1 in the climatic village and 1 in between
ppl took pics of the polar bears with speech bubbles against global warming.
this u can c in my pic!
along with this we had the rolling sunlight again today and it was bloody cold in the mornin.
amrit attended a un youth meeting against the coal pact. he will be talking to the meia about it tomorrow.
also the secretary of the indian delegation has agreed to meet us tomorrow at the minister day function. so we will be giving him a copy of the doc as well as our present. i dont no abt the petitions as yet as mr. srinivas wants to c them first.
the minister may be coming tonite. we dont yet no!
we r going to have a party tonight at the wearhouse. the greenpeace campaigners will be coming for it.
thts it for today. more news tomorrow

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