Sunday, December 11, 2005

Can the Climate Change its spots?

hello guys time for todays update.... very cool stuff ,today out of
nowhere arrived .... guess who ? our very own ex prez who was
involved a few years ago in making the white house red!yes it wa
indeed billy boy clinton who appeared out of nowhere today morning
in montreal. his arrival was announced this morning and he gave a
really cool speech ,which was applauded a number of times . it was
quite amazing to see him talk live ,hes a pretty cool speaker...
about his speech ... he was pretty clear about the status of america
today and even though he didnt mention the bush administration he
urged the people to take action at local and state level and hope
that the fedral govt. of america will catch up later (hopefully in
about 1137 days and counting..... thats the end of the bush
era!!).The place was packed with people .From my personal
perspective I think he was trying to apologise in some ways in
america's current position because apparently he was one of the
major guys involved in creating the UNFCC as well as the Kyoto and
today his own country is trying to cover up its own eyes and ears to
the roar of climate change.
He talked a lot about renewable energy ,that is wind ,solar
and geo thermal.and he condemned the further destruction of the
climate by burning fossil fuels.He was prety diplomatic about his
stuff and he even tried to get the saudis on board by saying that
they actually have the best natural resources as well as finances to
develop further.
He stressed the importance of economics and climate change
and how Renewable energy development will be mutually benificial for
everone by creating more jobs as well as decreasing the dangerous
effect of climate change .... he also talked quite a bit about
action at a personal and local level by increasing efficiency as
well as promoting efficient use of electricity.this i believe was
with special reference to his own country.

Well enough about bill clinton,ill add a bit about Steve
thats the GP spoksperson who also spoke at the planery ,his indirect
mention to US and australia earned him a standing ovation by the
audience.... thre was also the youth delegation consisting of 4
members who also spoke,needless to say they were supported by all
the youth which is present in significant numbers.
After the speeches we took down the stall and distributed
all the stuff between us and the recycle bin .strangely enough im
carrying a bottle of water from a german glacier... the lord works
in mysterious ways.
then we went to explore the city a bit and hung around for afew
hours .Montreal is a pretty interesting city even though its not
much to my liking.... its too bloody uniform and full of cement for
m e to respect this place .anyways we did have a lot of fun and
finally we ended up in the hostel.... thats all for now guys. sorry
for boring you again ,couldnt help it ;-) . adios....

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