Monday, December 05, 2005

monday morning

The major activities in SolarGeneration have been the Rolling Coffee bar, the hotspot video side event and the march
The activities for this week include the Arctic day and the Minister's day,
we may have another activity, time permitting!
The Arctic day is an event which shows the impact of global warming on the climate and the Minister's day is where we will try and get the ministers to raise their hand for Kyoto,
we have been doing a lot of preparations for this. We have been making a lot of banners. We have also made polar bears out of wood.
Yesterday we had a skill sharing program by Greenpeace USA.
They talked about non-violent direct actions and they gave us a lot of ideas on how to go about it. I will get back to that when I return.
We also had a skill sharing program among ourselves which is going to continue tonight. It was very interesting to listen to all the SolarGeneration activities going on around the world.
Well, other than that today we are going to prepare for the Arctic day which is tomorrow.

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