Saturday, May 20, 2006

the end

apologies for putting this up so late.
may 6th.
today was the concluding day for the ADB conference . the main events for the day were the seminar on energy related issues and also a confetrence on sustainaible energy.
the seminar is something that came up pretty recently, apparently greenpeace had a big role to play in getting them to open the platform where ADBs stupid destructive investments in the energy industry were to be considered.
sadly though ,none of us solar gen guys managed to attend the seminar due to a huge fiasco that happened at the gate( a very long boring and sweaty tale) and by the time we managed to sneak in, the seminar was over.
There were quite a few questions raised during the course of the seminar,some pertaining to the billion dollar "indictive" investment that the adb will have in the asia pacific region .
At our usual hang out on the first floor we heard a fair bit of discussion by red, athena,etc. and most of us lost a few brain cells keepinng up with them.
the next important event was the sustainaibility seminar headed by our very own Mr. Pachouri. the chairman of the IPCC and a man who has learnt the secret art of sneaking away very well. a bit of background search on him yields a few intersting facts, he graduated in diesel technology many years ago and in 2003 he was the spokesperson of the indian oil companies,which is quite an achivement .for someone who is supposed to be the worlds authority on climate change...
there were 4 other panelists who spoke quite a load of bullshit.
only one panelists out of the 4 actually talked about Renewable enery and that too in terms of statistical data. they talked at length about nuclear fusion, huge hydel projects and clean coal technoplogies. and these assholes(pardon my french ;-) actually had the nerves to call it a sustainability conference .What are they trying to sustain?
1) is it a complete continued disinterest in the futre of thousands of people?
2)is it the continued "sustainaible" increase in the profitt to be reaped by the western countries(and our dear friend japan) ?

i guess i would rather not know.
anyway we had a sort of payback time in the question and answer session in which we squeezed them through a few 'not so nice' questions. :-) but they deserves them.

thesre was a greenpeace press briefing at the end of the congerence in which srinivas ,laetitia and others gave some really cool quotes.

the day ended with the bank presidents speech. needless to say it was very boring,very bureaucratic and a quite a load of bullshit(please pardon my french,again ;-)

thus endeth our hyderabadi adventures with ADB. we will not forget em and they wont forget us either. This we can promise.

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