Thursday, May 04, 2006

The ADB Adventure

Today, I had the full Hyderabad experience. Most of the day I spent alone, in an underground printing place where they've printed out gigantic A1-size posters that we'll paste to our bodies for tomorrow's action (hopefully at the candlelight vigil at the Gandhi statue, if Ananda can make sure we won't be 'inappropriate' for the occassion). The International Youth Renewable Energy Declaration (i.e. Y-RED, codenamed the 'Red Paper') is finally ready and blown up, ready to be unveiled grandly to the media. The discussions with SG-Int'l were full of exciting ideas and intelligent debate about phrasing. Then we ran it by the GP guys, who suggested we hone our 'messaging' (which is a word we're hearing often -- very MBA, they can be sometimes). Tomorrow, the guys from Bangalore arrive. We spend the morning doing the following:
1. Briefing SG-Bang on the events of the last dramatic three days and alloting (no time to negotiate in any civil way...) duties: media team, action team, inside-centre team.
2. Trying to get everyone accredited to enter the convention centre (?)
3. Making windmills, flags, etc. for the action inside the convention centre.
4. Making placards, graffiti for the NVDA at the candlelit vigil (?)
5. Making the invitation for the media for our 5th ceremony
6. Drafting the press release for Y-RED
7. Making a press kit (Nayana was there to give out sage advice on the most effective forms of media manipulation and other dire duties.)

Going by past experience, we will do a set of things mutually exclusive from the above. Good night!

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