Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bangkok SolarGeneration Skillshare Diary: Raju Ranjan New Delhi

Loma Resort
Today early morning at 5.30 am my Aeroplain landed in Swarnbhumi airport (Bangkok). It is a very big and clean airport .when I was doing my immigration enquiry I meet my Bangalore friend Inchara who is also participating in Solar generation skill share programme . After completing our immigration inquiry we came out of airport.
There we saw two Thai guys in solar generation t-shirt aged “between” 20-23 were waiting for us. They were waiting for us since 4.30 am. There name is confusing to me but I can remember one name of AA. He can speak English, any way around 8.30 am we reached Loma resort, and were we have to stay from 27 to 29 of April.
All the participants already arrived here and they were taking breakfast.
I meet with my new roommate Jeffrey, he is from Philippines.
After getting fresh all of us assembled in conference hall at 9 am. I missed my breakfast, but I was not feeling like hungry. Here Agnes started the programme.
After a brief introduction we went for tour of a river which is polluting because of many factories on the bank of river.
We were in a beautiful boat, it was very fun on boat , we played lots of game one game which we like most was PIPO game, in this game u have to act as a peacock and dance like a peacock .
After coming back we had taken our lunch in a beautiful canteen, it was my first Thai food and unfortunately I one of my German friend Lisa have eaten very hot chilly dish, which makes us full of sweat.
Again we assembled in conference hall here I meet with one Indian Green peace activist in Thailand SHAI or Shailendra. I feel proud.
In Afternoon Agnes and Abi has given the presentation and informed about further activity in between this four more participants from Indonesia joined us.
At Evening around seven we taken our dinner it was delicious I ate many sea foods.
It was quite good day, I am very tired and feeling sleepy. See u tomorrow
Loma resort
Today I wake up at 6.30 am it was a beautiful morning,
Our workshop started at 9 am with warm-up game named PEEPOO.
Agnes and Abi started the session with the topic on campaign.
FA is helping every one in this session in their presentation. At 10.15 am Philippines delegate Karla given the presentation, there after Germany and France delegates Lisa and Aurelie have given their presentation, thereafter Indian delegates from Hyderabad and Bangalore described about their works in country, at last I presented a bamboo gift of god Ganesh to Agnes and given a beautiful Madhubani painting of SUN which is made by a small girl of BIHAR and few stickers to solar generation workshop.
Every body likes that painting.
We started our workshop programme with group discussion and play on speaking with university president. In this programme one of my Chinese friend became the university president and I as a solar generation member going to talk him. I am happy because I was able to convince him.
Today I had taken lunch with my Chinese, and Thai and Philippines friends. It was delicious food no spices but hot and nutritious.
Afternoon session some media person and BBC broadcasting members were in between us. They participated in workshop programme and given us some tips on interviews and camera facing.
After this boost-up workshop we had a brain storm session on COP /MOP. At night we started creative activities which are a preparation for up coming events.
I am in hot spot visit activity. We are making banners and posters for IPCC meeting. YaYa is guiding us.
Till 1 am and we are not able compete our work because of few colors missing,
We planed to complete it tomorrow.
It is already late and tomorrow we have to do lots of work so good night………….
Loma resort
At 9am we started our work. After a group discussion we had started brain storm for next meeting in Bali
Again we have divided in four groups in my group I am along with Jeffrey from Philippines, Indonesian friend Christy and a Thai friend.
We had planned very interesting events for Bali. We wanted to start Bali meeting with beach party which can attract more public and officials.
After lunch we completed our painting works. YAYA and Abi were busy with their camera to make this event memorable.
At 6.00pm we left Loma resort with beautiful memories for Bangkok city in a hotel called Suan dusit place.
Luckily Jeffrey is my roomy here, he is very happy because there are few English channels also in cable.
After arriving we discussed on our tomorrows IPCC activity. We were divided into two groups who are going to meet high officials in ministry.
Inchara is going ministry of energy and resources and I am going ministry of environment and resources.
Tomorrow we have to meet Dr. Rajendra Pachouri who is famous among us on the name of Mr. P who is the head of IPCC also.
So it is very important day for us. Tomorrow we have to wake up early in the morning so see u bye bye….
Suan dusit place
Today we wake up early at 6 am and gathered in meeting room. It is raining; we have decided to leave at 8.30 am for UN building where IPCC meeting is going to be held.
I along with three Thai and one Indonesian girl were distributing pen wind mill with a pleasing smile to high officials who were coming for IPCC meeting.
While my other friends were standing with solar van to meet Dr. Pachouri in formal way with messages to save climate.
It was very interesting for me to speak Swaddee kha which means good morning and talk with high officials directly on the topic of global warming and presenting a gift of pen wind mill to them in between media person who were busy in making news report with this activity.
We had given this gift pen wind mill which is a message to use renewable source of energy to security personals as well as media person also.
Most of them accepted our gift but few of them who were seems to very busy they went directly inside some of media person passed comment in Thai on them.
Then Dr. Rajendra pachouri came there, again I felt proud on being Indian. We gave a pen wind mill to him also.
After this event we went to parliament there we meet ministers of parliament.
It was a good meeting between us we raised our question among them?
At last he invited Thai students to participate in parliament discussion. He has taken their email ids.
After this meeting we had divided in two groups one group went to meet ministry of energy and resources and my group went to ministry of environment.
There minister of environment welcomed us with snacks and tea. Thai student actively raised many question to him on the issue of global warming in their language but it was useless for me because he was speaking in Thai language.
By the way I also given my message to him but I am not sure whether he understand it or not.
After this session we went to parliament canteen where we had taken our lunch. I enjoyed Thai food in canteen..
And then we returned back
Now it is 5 pm. I am along with my Thai friends going near by area to make mast….!!!

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