Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Solar Generation Delhi

Delhi group of Solar Generation is taking its shape and became active even outside campuses. Last Saturday we got our volunteers (from Jawaharlal Nehru University,Kamla Nehru College,Miranda House) who joined the energy campaign team on streets to interact with people to spread the message 'Ban the bulb' and get petition signed.All of them were for the first time on street but their performance were excellent despite the Delhi heat.we managed to get 1800 signature in a single day and interacted with many more. Many of the students went back to their native places in differt parts of India where they will spread the message of 'Ban the bulb' and some will come back with photo story on 'Energy uses in their area'.


Vijay said...

KUDOS to all who took the effort to bear the Delhi heat, went out for the energy campaign, Delhi and other metro's really need more youth to join such campaign. Not only active participation is needed, they should start applying those concepts at their own homes. We still see at many houses here in Delhi, people are using bulbs at home.
Idea of photo story on 'Energy uses in their area' is excellent one.
well I have replaced bulbs with fluorescent in my home. thanks to you people. KUDOS TO ALL.

alvinwriter said...

The incandescent bulb will no longer be the same in the next decade even as new and more efficient fluorescent lights are developed.

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