Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ringside at Kyoto!

May 6th

We thought we lost them all in the taxi that brought us back to the conference hall from the kimono shop the previous night, but thanks to the very considerate taxi driver who drove all the way back, we didn't have to make them all over again...

At 9 o'clock the next morning Solargeneration distributed the cherry blossom bookmarks along with artificial cherry blossoms to the delegates as they arrived for the Opening Session for the Board of Governors. We stood at the doorway and stopped them as they hurried in and handed over our little symbols to remind them of their duty towards the welfare of the future generations. Most of the delegates accepted them and some even wanted to choose the ones they liked best. This activity went our way as well...

At 2 o'clock the same day Greenpeace had organised a 'Love T-shirt' activity for which some of the Solargeneration members took part as well... each T-shirt with a message to the ADB was worn by two members as they stood outside the hall where the governors from the ADB member countries were meeting.But this activity was cut short as some of the japanese delegates were annoyed. After this activity we weren't allowed even close to that hall and security was tightened as though we were terrorists of some sort!!! We even had our own personal security guards!! The same activity was carried out the previous day as well but as security wasn't so tight it went on pretty well...

As we were done early and it was the last day that all of us were going to be together, we treated ourselves at a beautiful Japanese restaurant. The food was really good though some of us had a tough time with the chopsticks...

may 7th

After a lazy morning, the Solargeneration team made preparations for the next attack... this time as the world famous Japanese Sumo wrestlers... a few sessions of practice and we were good to go...

At the conference center, we handed out invitations to our 'Energy Sumo Wrestling Championships' to delegates from the countries that had the best statements with regard to the Solargeneration objectives. These were statements that were made at the first and second Business Sessions of the Governors the previous morning. Studying the statements the night before, our final judgemnet was easy because most of the countries had no regard for climate change at all. Their country's development was the only concern even if it comes at the cost of their environment and people.Tthe only few countries that put mitigation and adaptation to climate change and the need for change form dirty energy to clean and renewable energy as the most urgent of all requirements were the UK, Switzerland and Norway. And the worst country statement was from Japan who are seriously considering Nukes as the best way to combat climate change!!

We coulnd't invite the Japanese delegates for obvious reasons, though we wanted to present them with the award for the "Worst Country for Future Generations". We did invite the other award winners for the "Best Country for Future Generations". The Swiss delegates were the only ones who confirmed their presence since the other countries had prior commitments. The thrill and the excitement shown by the Swiss delegates took us by surprise. This is what one of the delegates had to say... "It is GREAT to see youth like you'll taking the initiative to make a difference without waiting for the Governments"

Once all set for the final Solargeneration activity of this AGM, the media was called and the Swiss delegates arrived as well. As our sumo wrestlers entered the scene there was a loud applause which aroused curiosity among people around the otherwise quiet conference center, getting more spectators than expected.

The wrestlers entered the ring and the match began with Mr.Coal, the reigning champion, winning the first round over the underdog, Mr.Renewables. But Mr.Renewables wouldn't give up so easily... he fought back with all his might... after a long and well fought battle, Mr.Renewables came out victorious!! But the championship wasn't his yet because he had another dangerous and powerful challenger, Mr.Nuclear. Though Mr.Nuclear put up a good fight Mr.Renewables was on a roll and wasn't prepared to give up his hard-won championship. Mr.renewables then awarded Switzerland with the award for the "Best Country for future generations".

The sumo wrestling championship was a great way of ending our campaign. We had good media coverage and the attention of a lot of people and most importantly we could complete our activity and make our messsage clear without having to end it midway. Though Solargeneration didn't make Governments take immediate action, we certainly did get them thinking.

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